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Al Freedman Profile Picture

Dr. Al Freedman

Psychologist, Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Father

I am a psychologist and rare disease dad, and I’ve been living and working with individuals and families affected by rare disease for over two decades. I’m uniquely prepared to support families affected by disability and complex medical conditions and the professionals who serve them.  

My son, Jack, lived with Spinal Muscular Atrophy for 26 years. I am grateful to have learned a great deal from Jack and everyone who supported my family over the years. I use what Jack taught me, my professional training as a psychologist, and my early experience as an educator to provide counseling and consultation to families, advocacy organizations, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, and schools.

"It is impossible to serve any patient community before you understand the challenges and blessings the community experiences. Al’s unique personal and professional background is an absolute must add training resource for any company, every function, planning and implementing products or services to support a rare disease.”

Sean McAuliffe, Chief Commercial Officer, Taysha Gene Therapies

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