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Keynote Presentations

I serve as a speaker at national and global conferences.  I speak from the heart. Some of the most frequently requested presentations include:

  • Meeting the Challenge of Rare Disease in the Family: 25 Years of Lessons Learned

  • Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Rare Disease Families   

  • The Immediate Needs of Families Receiving a Recent Diagnosis of a Rare Disease

  • The Unique Psychological Needs of Families Receiving a Rare Disease Treatment

  • Supporting Siblings of Children Affected by Rare Disease

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I provide training to health care professionals, industry partners and peer mentors who provide services and support to families and individuals with rare diseases and complex medical conditions. Training sessions can be provided on site or remotely.​
Professionals who interact with families affected by rare diseases often request training sessions to help them learn how to connect with families in the most supportive manner and at a deeper level. 
I provide counseling to parents of babies and children newly diagnosed with rare disease and complex medical conditions, as well as patients and families with ongoing needs. Rare disease advocacy organizations contract with me to provide these services, often funded by industry partners.

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Consulting & Meeting Facilitation

I provide consultation services to biopharmaceutical companies, rare disease advocacy organizations, and health care organizations. I help my clients to solve complex problems, design and evaluate family support programs, improve the quality of marketing materials and client-facing communication, and gather information from patients and families through focus groups.  I have supported the development of  managed access programs and newborn screening programs. I consult with teams of professionals who serve families affected by rare disease and medical complexity on the most effective ways to connect with the families they serve.

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Support Group Facilitation

 I facilitate ongoing support groups for rare disease advocacy organizations, and one-time support groups for specific purposes, such as debriefing sessions following Patient Focused Drug Development (PFDD) meetings.  Support groups offer a safe space for patients and caregivers to talk about their experiences and  how disease impacts their lives, and I also facilitate social hours for patients who are affected by a rare disease in ways that limit their capacity to socialize.

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Individual Counseling & Coaching

I provide professional counseling services to families affected by rare disease and complex medical conditions through my practice, Freedman Counseling Associates. My practice includes families across the United States as my license to practice psychology allows me to provide telehealth services in over 30 states.
I provide counseling and coaching to parents of newborns and young children newly diagnosed with rare diseases and complex medical conditions, as well as families with ongoing needs.  Rare disease advocacy organizations contract with me to provide these services.

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Executive Coaching

I provide consultation and coaching to leaders in education, health care, and biopharmaceutical organizations.   I help leaders to develop the strategies, habits and attitudes they need to successfully lead others.  As a psychologist, I support leaders by helping them to develop and strengthen their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, communication skills, and responses to adverse events and challenges.

I also support leaders in developing organizational strategy and strengthening leadership teams.  It can be lonely at the top.

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